Reclaim your time with (auto)MATE

Productivity and efficiency gains can be realized with our fully-managed, cloud-based platform. Our systems monitor, send, receive, and upload your medical records. We ensure signature/date accuracy, while also allowing you to monitor record status in real-time.

HIPAA-Compliant, Highly Secure

Our platform is built to be secure and compliant, with compliant storage encryption and nightly backups.

Smart Technology, Research-Driven

Our software uses artificial intelligence to reconcile records and make important decisions about your document workflow.

Real-Time Reporting, Live Support

Your dashboard allows you to track records at each stage in the process. Live support is in-house, with experts ready to help meet the needs of your team.

Take a Peek at Our Results

Home healthcare is an industry that gets little innovation in software. That's why we designed our service to work for you.
We put time into solving the hardest problems facing agency automation, so you can focus on running your business.